Thursday, October 2, 2014

Forgot iPhone Backup Password after iOS 8 Update, How to Recover It?

If you update your iPhone to iOS 8 and then lose your data in iPhone, such as the text message, contacts, photos, videos, notes or call history, that will be the biggest disaster. However, remember that you are not alone. All the reports about iPhone users lose data after iOS 8 update are not the fresh news. But there should be a workable solution to handle with it. Luckily, if you have backup your data in iTunes before the update, you are likely to get the lost data back. However, there is a backup password in iTunes, and once you forgot it, you will trap in another accident.

forgot iPhone backup password after iOS 8 update

Things to Do When We Forgot iPhone Backup Password after iOS 8 Update

That is not we would like to see, but sometimes it really happens at the moment. Consequently, what to do when we forgot iPhone backup password after iOS 8 update? Here we can settle down and figure out an effective way to do that. If you do some researching in the Internet, you will know that there are seldom tool to crack iPhone backup password, but we are still able to unlock it by using a third party tool such as SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery.

In that case, what we need to do is to prepare an available computer and then to get a powerful iPhone backup password recovery tool to unlock iPhone backup file password after iOS 8 update but forgot iPhone backup password. That seems so easy to do.

How to Recover Forgotten iPhone Backup Password after iOS 8 Update

To recover your forgotten iPhone backup password is not so difficult by using a helpful program. Take the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery for example. It supports iPhone, iPad or iPod backup file password recovery. No matter what version your iOS device is, you only need 3 easy steps to crack backup password in iTunes.

Step 1: Download and install this program to your computer and then double click to open this iTunes backup password unlocker for iPhone.
Step 2: Import your targeted encrypted iPhone backup file to this application and then choose the best password attack types from the three types.
Step 3: Click the Start button and then the tool will begin the password recovery mode and after a while, your password will be shown in a pop up window.

show iTunes backup password iPhone

Wow, it seems so simple, isn't it? As a matter of fact, this is the only way to recover iPhone backup file password so far. Whatever, to figure out the backup password is the final goal. With the backup password, you can decrypt the iTunes backup and then recover your lost data after iOS 8 update. The data in iTunes is important, but without the backup password unlock, you can't do anything. Last but not least, do backup your data before you update your device to iOS 8.

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